The Other Side of the Story

About the Book

Reclaiming traditions that have been battered by history is not only the responsibility of individual believers, but it is also the task of the observer, the documenter, the historian and theologian, most of whom would be aware that their eyes and ears are trained on a moving target. For in reclaiming living faiths, all of which have had their detractors both within and outside them, one is quickly plunged into discovering religious traditions that have undergone revivals, reformations and refurbishments in the course of their history. This was precisely the world in which the academic discipline of religious studies aroused my interest and to which I brought my enthusiasm in the 1970s when it seemed the Western world was spiritually turned upside down.

‘Rachael Kohn understands the issues she writes about at the deepest level and as well as providing a way through the thorniest controversies always keeps a sense of the shape of the whole argument … This is a superb volume.’
Greg Sheridan, foreign editor The Australian and author of Christians, the urgent case for Jesus in our world.

‘Rachael Kohn’s insightful comments inform, inspire, and provoke; a lovely combination of scholarly research, journalistic clarity, and personal passion.’
Amy-Jill Levine, Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies, Vanderbilt University.

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